Grit Work builds food businesses with trust.

Grit Work designs food that flow thoughtfully from the front to the back-of-house. Designing menus and products holistically with procurement and supply chain strategies allows innovation to flourish. By supporting internal operations infrastructure, Grit Work builds healthy organizations.


Our Values

  1. Get scale: small, medium, large
  2. Not afraid to get hands dirty
  3. Your reputation is our reputation

Strategic Sourcing
stop beating up vendors

—Vendor Selection and Alignment
—Cost of Goods reduction (Food and Packaging)
—Product Planning–Seasonality, Quality

Operationalize Sustainability
create value from the ground up

—Farm to Table Procurement
—Supplier Relationship Development
—Ingredient Risk Planning

Product Development Planning
boxes don’t drop from trees

—Message the right food story
—Ingredient specification identification
—Food and Supply Planning

Scaling Operations
profitable value chain operations

—Transparency in value chain
—International cultural relevancy
—Vision with operational reality