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What I Do             Amazing People             About Me

What I Do          Amazing People          About Me

Monica Gelinas helps organizations grow sustainably with realistic operations strategies.

Guided by her comprehensive background in food systems, Monica has worked and advised on every step of the supply chain—agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.  

Whether you’re a start-up or legacy brand, Monica can translate your vision and values into practical next steps.  While chefs create food and marketers create content, Monica’s leadership capabilities connect the dots, converting big ideas into road maps.  Commercialization, strategic sourcing, and team Grit Work may never show up on your social media feed, but these are the crucial issues that matter when it comes to quality and quality culture.   

With a cross-stakeholders approach, Monica’s wide-ranging expertise facilitates the journey.

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Monica Gelinas

Starting my bio with childhood memories of my grandmother’s cooking would be lovely, but it would also be untrue. The real story is that my interest in food began with eating in hometown Jersey diners, where I received my BS at the Cornell Hotel School.  From there, my journey has been inspired by teachers and mentors where I have learned from some of the best visionaries in food and hospitality.

What I Do

Simply Put, I Build Bridges from Farm to People

For more than twenty years, I’ve been fostering trust across an intergenerational, culturally diverse supply chain that spans rural and urban settings. I bring true grit from the field to the boardroom.

When it comes to developing local-artisan and global-commodity networks, I know firsthand just how much distribution relies on people effort. With my steadfast commitment and unique skill set, I help streamline these efforts to get the job done.

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Fractional  Chief Commercial/Strategic Sourcing Officer

Team Mentoring + Stakeholder Facilitation

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) Team Building 

Board Member Engagement

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Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain

Farm-to-Shelf Procurement

Supply Risk Analysis

Cost of Goods Optimization

Supplier Partnerships


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New Product Development (NPD) Lead with Marketing + Sales

CPG, Foodservice, Business & Institutions start-up to commodity

Concept-to-Market Strategy,  specialty in prepared and perishable

Truth is, a good supply chain means dedicated people supporting each other with one goal in mind.

Formula for Success  =

Good Food  Patience Amazing People

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