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Boxes Don’t Drop from Trees

I often get calls from organizations to help “save money.” But the truth is, “cost” is often shorthand for a complex web of human effort and service.  A good supply chain is the result of dedicated people supporting each other with one goal in mind.

A good business and organization goes beyond spreadsheets – it’s people across the value chain.

Daily challenges exist behind the scenes, from product implosions to seasonal issues. A major component of success involves bridging cultural communication gaps. Motivating teams has always been at the core of my approach, and I work closely with key players from drivers to production workers while navigating the food value chain to build an amazing an experience. 

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Building Bridges Across Every Step of the Supply Chain

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As an industry veteran and thought leader, I advise financial firms and global enterprises in market analysis, strategic planning, and commercialization recommendations.

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Bringing me on board means strengthening operations management, risk management, and resolving cultural language barriers. One of my top priorities will always be initiating dialogue between growers who don’t spend time in commissary kitchens and QA managers who’ve never set foot on a farm.

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Finding solutions to food distribution is the unsung hero of logistics. Smooth delivery along the last mile requires customer care and robust cold chains. Aggregating supply means building truckloads, LTLs, and land-air-rail transport with feet on the ground and an efficient approach to product design.

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From ideation to founder transition, I provide guidance when it comes to commercialization. Scaling operations require 360° thinking and a sensible sales-marketing-supply NPD pipeline that dovetails into executable operations.

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Fast Casual and Retail

I’ve taken the lead on purchasing strategies, brokering supplier relationships, and vetting RFP contracts for trending concepts, with deep experience in cross categories: produce, perishable prepared foods, dry goods, packaging, and proteins.

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Foundations, Businesses and Institutions

Contributing to mission-driven organizations is at the heart of what I do. For over 20 years, I’ve facilitated change in menu sustainability, food insecurity, and diversity-equity issues. 

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