DSC_0231-2George Faison’s pushing the envelope on where meats/proteins can go by pushing the idea of quality/flavor by identifying how animals are raised and handled.

The big take away was match-making different parts of the animal. Supplying to Morimoto or other top NYC restaurants with strip, tender, ribeye, sirloin leaves other “cuts” on the table – and into the grinder. Top and bottom round (i.e. shoulder) that’s tougher but good for roast beef and brisket might be appropriate for foodservice or retail. So, where to find the right mix of buyers that might want to take burgers and leave the other cuts for the fine dining restaurants.

Can we get all the different food buyers to the table and play a game of tetris to maximize efficiency in doling out the parts of an animal?

PS Ones with antibiotics/hormones have more shrink (water loss) than those not administered. DeBragga has done the tests to prove it.