DSC_0793As we continue our work deep within the trenches of the food industry, it’s occurred to me that we are not speaking the same language. Hence, our service for cross-cultural communication – not just between ethnic cultures but between food cultures. Particularly, when it comes to food transportation.

For example, some regular words that food distribution folks use might be:

  • Reefer: a refrigerated car/truck/load. A personal favorite, not the other definition we were thinking!
  • Loads: ship according to truck”loads”. How much weight/raw material goes to filling a full truckload can determine efficiency in transport.
  • LTL: “Less-than-truck” is literally shipping without a full load.

As we purchase different quantities, small and large, the ability to look at purchasing power by “volume” is related to this cost of transportation and efficiency in filling loads (with volume).